Inline Pumps


The Inline-Pumps, have been developed for the chemical, petrochemical and related industries. Since the pumps are installed inline, only a minimum of space is required and therefore, these pumps are suitable for package units. No time-consuming alignment of couplings is required. Ball bearing failures through inadequate alignment are excluded.

With a wide selection of materials and shaft sealing systems, the NCV-pumps are sutiable for handling nearly all kinds of liquids used in the above mentioned industries. For example: acyds, lyes, hydrocarbons, hot water up to 234°C (455°F), hot oil up to 350°F (660°F), cooling fluids, solvents etc.


The Inline-pumps are single stage, single-flow volute casing pumps in vertical construction with inline flange arrangement. The drive motor is connected with the pump casing by a motor support lantern.

Drive motors

All standard flange mounted motors can be applied without any modification. No special shaft designs are required.

Pump shaft, bearings

The connections "shaft nut - impeller hub" and "impeller hub - shaft sleeve" are sealed by confined gaskets, preventing contact of pumped liquid with the pump shaft. These pump types have the pump shaft rigidly clamped to the motor shaft and therefore, guided in the motor bearings.


To minimize thrust load, the impeller is fitted with wear rings and balancing holes in the hub. The impeller is keyed to the pump shaft and secured by shaft nuts with Heli-Coli insert. Impellers are properly statically balanced according to API 610 and VDI-Standard 2060, class 2.5-6.3. This grants smooth vibration free running.

Intermediate casing

The intermedia casing seperates the pumped liquid from the atmosphere by the sealing system


Special materials on request.